Regular MVCS Board of Directors Meetings are in an MVCS classroom on the fourth Monday of each month beginning at 5:30 PM; they are open to the public. Additional meetings may be called if needed.


Click on the link below for the MVCS Board of Directors agenda you wish to view.

11/18/19 B.O.D. Agenda

10/28/19 B.O.D. Agenda

08/26/19 B.O.D. Agenda

07/22/19 B.O.D. Agenda

06/27/19 B.O.D. Agenda

05/20/19 B.O.D. Agenda

03/29/19 B.O.D. Agenda

01/28/19 B.O.D. Agenda

12/20/18 Special B.O.D. Meeting

11/26/18 B.O.D. Agenda 

11/16/18 B.O.D. Workshop Agenda

10/08/18 Special Meeting Agenda

9/18/18 B.O.D. Special Meeting Agenda

9/26/18 B.O.D. Agenda ( Special Date)

10/30/18 B.O.D. Agenda (Special Date)